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Become an EXPERT in Proprioception at your own pace!

YOU WILL UNDERSTAND the principles of balance and their application on the field and MASTER the EVOLVED training techniques EMPLOYED by the best coaches to overcome your students’ performance and your patients’ results.

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Proprioception program




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79,99 $

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I am Aurélien Broussal Derval physical trainer of high-level athletes for more than 20 years.
Authors of 9 Bestsellers translated worldwide and a French reference in terms of physical training and conditioning. Teaching sports science in many French and European Universities and the Head of training at the French Weightlifting Federation.

I had the opportunity to train Olympic Champions:
The French Weightlifting and the English Boxing teams,
as well as the Russian and the British Judo Teams.
I also train athletes in motorsports and golf.

Through my programs and methods, I clear the way of physical training by finding the best conditioning practices. To offer you and all of my colleagues the knowledge, you need to perform and become the coach you want to be!!

Sport Science Test

My athlete is Stagnating in his progress, and I feel that I’m missing some Keys…

“I train well with weights but I don’t see how to organize the work in unstable balance.
“My athletes lack balance and dynamic gain. I feel that they can improve but how can I do it? »
“Physical preparation is not a problem for me… nevertheless, I have less control over reathletization.

There is a REAL PROBLEM, don't you think? In this training I transform your Weaknesses about Proprioception into Strengths.

So far all coaches count in Kg!

There is almost no initial training to learn how to train balance.

You have no methodological benchmarks to train proprioception.

You don't know which exercise to choose!

You want to make the right preventive decisions

You want the right progressiveness in content planning

You want to set clear boundaries between stable and unstable work.

You will REALLY individualize your programs.


We will go back over the theoretical foundations of equilibrium, from internal information taking to external regulation of posture and movement... and decision making. At the center of it all is THE POPRIOCEPTION.
From science, practice, or how to transform through this training THE PROPRIOCEPTION from a simple concept to a real training method.
Precise examples awaiting you, with innovative programs and surprising exercises.

In theory
Understand the key foundations of proprioception:

  • Which sensors are sensitive to pressure, elongation, tension or acceleration?
  • Which physiological pathways are involved in adaptation?
  • What is trainable?
  • How effective is precarious balance training?

In practice
Discover how to measure and train the PROPRIO:

  • How to evaluate balance and proprioception?
  • How to plan PROPRIOCEPTION?
  • How far to go?
  • What are the stages in physical preparation and reathletization?

Just ask them:
What other fitness professionals say

“I was able to perfect my knowledge thanks to Aurélien's webinars which are ultra complete despite my eleven years of experience as a professional physiotherapist”

Jean-Philippe MoisanCanadian Physiotherapist

“During our teaching we use Aurelien's webinars which are really interesting because they are constantly up to date. Increasing our knowledge in the different physical training fields. They are the ultimate in providing a real complement to our trainings.”

Didier ZoïaHead of Damalis training organization

“As part of the preparation of one of my teachings on the training planning that I give to my Masters students. Aurélien's webinars allowed me to clearly synthesize how to better understand physical knowledge and deliver the best advices to athletes.”

Lilian LacourpailleSenior Lecturer in French Universities

“As a fitness trainer and personal coach Aurélien's webinars are the BEST TOOLS too use, they are based on science, field experience and exchanges between specialists, that allow my clients to improve, refresh their knowledge and go further in their jobs.”

Mathias LegryxIndividual and group coach, Author